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Discuss the risks and impacts of climate-related natural disasters

Earth undergoes continuous changes that began billions of years ago and will continue in future. From time to time, the Earth is undergoing movements or alterations that effect our environment and security. Hurricane is one of the most serious natural catastrophes caused by global climate change and earthquake. Nowadays, researchers pay additional attention to the risks and impacts of hurricane, because it destroys the life of thousands of people every year. This essay will focus on one of the dangerous natural disaster which is hurricane. This will describe the causes and effects of the hurricane which includes climate change that can lead to economic damages and tropical cyclones that can result in loss of jobs.

Global climate change is considered a cause of hurricane. The relationship between the climate change and extremes in weather has been explained by climate specialist as it contributes to the risk of the hurricane season. Changing of weather is caused by human activities that can result in human emissions of greenhouse gases (van Aalst,2006). According to Gow (2007) , global warming can cause many environmental threats . Human beings can survive on a stable environment that is why it is important to reduce the risk of global climate change. Therefore, changes in weather can lead to hurricanes. Another cause of hurricane is tropical cyclone which resulted from climate change. Since 1995, the intensity and frequency of tropical cyclone in the Atlantic is high, which is related to the tragic 2004 and 2005 hurricane season. Tropical cyclones are caused by strong winds circulating on low-pressure areas and comes with a central eye that is usually 20-150km in diameter. This commonly lasts for two weeks, forms above warm seas but loses power quickly inland. Thus, creating hurricanes (van Aalst,2006). The effect of the global climate change that led to the hurricane was most vividly seen in the field of economic damages to export and import. Undeniably, the hurricane caused by climate change had a severe impact on the state’s economic affairs. According to Zimmermann (2012) , the average damages were close to $150 billion. In addition, insured losses were estimated up to $70 billion. At least millions of homes have been destroyed, and a lot of people became homeless. It is a widely known fact that New Orleans’ export and food products are one of the most popular in the world. The economy of the damaged state can be compared to a table that has only three main legs which are port operations, tourism, and educational services. The above information demonstrates that the economic effect of global climate change is far-reaching. The second effect of the tropical cyclone that