Discuss The Significance Of The Ways Two Writers You Have Studied Have Structured Their Texts Essay

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Discuss the significance of the ways two writers you have studied have structured their texts.
In ‘My Last Duchess’ the use of structure helps Browning to characterise the Duke. For example the fact that there are no stanza breaks, suggests that the Duke likes the sound of his own voice, as he believes he is of great importance. This then forces the reader to become involved, as they only here the Dukes account of Duchess’ death and therefore must piece the story together themselves. Moreover the use of iambic pentameter and heroic couplets, creates an underlying rhythm which is almost disguised by the natural stress patterns of words. This natural speech within the monologue contrasts with its controlled from, which could demonstrate how calm and relaxed the Duke is, possibly due to his status as he believes there will not be any consequences for him for killing his wife. This however, is contrasted by the use of enjambment, as there are no grammatical units to conclude the end of lines. As his suggests that the Duke does not feel any closure over his Duchess’ death, which could be the driving force of his revelations.
In ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ the structure of the poem makes it seem confessional due to its linear chronology. As it begins with a description of the setting and then moves to an immediate description of Porphyria and their relationship and finally the climactic moment where he kills her, this then mirrors how someone would report their actions, in detail and in order. In addition his monologue is concluded with him saying ‘And yet God has not said a word!’ which therefore suggest his confession had a religious background and that he was waiting on God to act on the sin he committed. The portrayal of the story in this confessional form allows the reader to understand fully the details and motive behind his actions and therefore makes it more compelling.
In ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ Browning uses structure to create a childlike, easy to read poem. For example the poem is written in fifteen standards all of which are clearly numbered. This then creates the feeling the poem is instead a story, like one you would read to a child, as the numbers; ‘I, II, III, IV…’give the impression of chapter titles. This is emphasised by the fact that it is structured chronologically, as this makes the poem very easy to follow. The frequent rhyming in the poem, for example ‘…out of the vats…salted sprats…Sunday hats…woman’s chats’ further suggests that it is written for child as the rhyming creates a fun and friendly atmosphere. Also, as the rhyming does not follow a consistent scheme, it reads as if Browning simply forgot to rhyme, however this then make it seem less repetitive which helps considering its length, therefore it becomes more appealing to children.
In ‘The Patriot’ Browning uses structure and the form of a dramatic monologue, in order to create a captivating narrative. The fact the poem is the patriot’s last speech before his execution and the use of a first person narrative leaves the reader with ambiguities, which leads them to ask questions. For example the line ‘Nought man could do, have I left undone’ forces the reader to ask what could he have possibly done to lead himself to execution. This then becomes captivating as the reader is then allowed to interpret the poem in their own way and