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Evidence-based practice is a problem solving approach used for clinical decision-making. It is the conscientious use of current evidence when making patient care decisions. Evidence-based practice requires moving away from patient care based on intuition and opinion to care based on research and evidence.

1.Describe the RN’s role in the research process.
A) Identify and question the problem.
In institutions the nurse should always have the ability to communicate their concerns, questions or ideas and feel that they are heard.
B) Guard the welfare of the patient by asking questions to be sure the research proposed has gone through the appropriate process before agreeing to participate as a data gatherer or the nurse providing the research intervention.

2.Describe how the RN uses evidence-based practice in the delivery of patient care. 3) State one way the RN can act as a facilitator of evidence-based practice
By using infection control data of an individual setting and understanding that a patient values and preferences are unique to each patient situation Having an understanding of their values and preferences might help guide decisions about what interventions to investigate. Also the expertise of the staff helps to determine the most suitable practice. The expertise of the staff helps in deciding the types of action that may be implemented.
Nurses are morally to adhere to evidenced-based guidelines developed by the institution. Nurses increasingly find the expectation that they must be