Essay about Discuss What Happens When You Die According to Plato, Augustine, and Schopenhauer

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Philosophy 150
Discuss what happens when you die according to Plato, Augustine, and Schopenhauer.

Everyone has his or her own view on what happens when you die and where you will end up and whom you will end up with. The word death refers to the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism. Compare brain death. But what actually happens to you and your body after you die? Philosophers had different views on what would happen once you died. Some thought that you would be reincarnated in to something else while others just simply thought you lived your life and then died and nothing happened after to you. Plato, Augustine, as well as Schopenhauer all have different views on what actually happens to a person’s spirit and soul once you die. Some had views that had to do with religion and went on it based off that while others simply had other views that didn’t have to do with religion such as Christianity. Many of Plato’s ideas about death came from some of the ideas of Christianity. Plato was one of the Philosophers that believed in immortality. What Plato thought was immortal was a humans soul. He believed that, that part of your body was immortal for everyone. He believed that your soul is a real thing and that everyone has one and that everyone has always had one. Plato states that our lives that were are living right now are only just a small part of our existence. Plato…