Essay about Discuss the Reasons Why the Research and Development of Anti-Retroviral Drugs (Arvs) Has Impacted Differently on People Suffering from Hiv/Aids in Developed and Developing World

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Christine Carraro

‘Discuss the reasons why the research and development of anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) has impacted differently on people suffering from HIV/AIDS in developed and developing world’

HIV/AIDS still does not have a know cure, but has a treatment that slows down the affects of HIV/AIDS which is called ARV (anti-retroviral drug)
The ARV drug is a very “exclusive” drug because as it is very expensive, around $400 a month if not more depending on which stage you are in, and that is a huge dilemma because many people cannot afford to pay that amount of money so they are not able to receive the treatment.
If people in the first world countries cannot receive the drug, how do people in the third world receive
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However before doing this we must solve the bigger problem, how do we give them the treatment for free.
Another aspect of the issue is the ethical/moral part. The richer countries to some extent have an obligation to help the poorer countries, but the third world countries should not relay or take advantage because also the richer countries have their own problems to solve. For insists America is going though a very tough crisis but at the same time they are helping the less fortunate get better. The poorer countries should also take action and do something to help themselves, because they should be putting the money where it really needs to go to, the people. This leads us to another aspect of the issue, the political portion.
Politics have caused a lot of mayhems in the world because they sometimes do not have they priorities sorted out. For example in Africa instead of investing their money in this issue of HIV/AIDS and the treatments, they have decided to invest their money on weapons and in their natural recourses such as oil. It is very hard to run a third world country but it should not be an excuse.
To solve these concerns although it is a difficult