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The measure of greatness of any organization is a mirror image of the leaders and their employees. As the Vice President of Human Resources, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that all employees have the suitable training and right to use to any documentation or instruction as to what their job description details and how they are to perform in that role. Every organization has a certain culture that drives the overall vibe and work ethic of each staff member. The relationship between management and an employee is also vital to that person’s success and longevity in that position. As an organization, one would want the best, well-trained employees working for them. After the selection of the appropriate candidate has taken place, training is the next big task to tackle. One wants to make sure that the training is done properly to ensure that the job performance is up to the standards expected by organization and produce the best outcome possible for the organization. This is why it is so crucial to be able to combine training and job performance. According to an article in Global Knowledge, there are some top strategies that organizations should practice to combine performance and training, which are: “understanding the job as a System, link learning to a business process, build a performance support system, implement a continuous improvement framework, use action and organizational learning practices, and bring the job to the learning” (Severs, 2010). These strategies will help organization integrate job performance and training effectively. There are going to be some challenges Human Resources executives are going to face when it comes to performance management. “Performance management is the system where an employer can determine job fit, individual and team productivity, aptitude, professional