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Black Studies has set their standards high for their excellence in everything that was once taken away from them. The 5 overarching goals they practice by are:
1)the critical and persistent search for truth and meaning in the human history and social reality from an African vantage point.
2) A depthful intellectual grasp and appreciation of the ancient, rich, varied and instructive character of the African initiative and experience in the world and of the essential relevance of african culture as a unique and equally valid and valuable way of being human in the world.
3) a rigorous intellectual challenge and alternative to established-order ways of viewing social and human reality.
4) A moral critique and social policy correctives for social constraints on human freedom and development, especially those rooted in race, class and gender consierations.
5) Cultivation of commitment and contribution to the historical project of creating the truly multicultural, democratic and just society and good world based on mutual respect of the rights and the needs of persons and peoples, mutual cooperation for the mutual benefit and shared responsibility for building the good world all humans want and deserve to live in.

I feel like the 5 goals are all very fair, and set the standards for a fair, peaceful, and beneficial future for African Americans. Race used to be and unforuntanly still is such a huge issue but the question is why? Why should certain people have to be separated, or not enjoy the same luxuries of freedom that other people of a different background can? Why cant a African American student attend school and learn about…