The Studying And Self-Regulated Learning (SSRL) SIG

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The Studying and Self-Regulated Learning (SSRL) SIG is dedicated to promoting the development of theory and research in academic studying and self-regulated learning across the life span. The SIG brings together researchers and practitioners to share expertise in all aspects of self-regulated learning, including motivation, metacognition, learning and studying strategies, and the ways in which learners manage their emotions and environments
I use self regulating everyday, We all do like setting your clock for 5:00am every morning to go to work or you may have to put the kids on the bus on time, getting assignments finished on time or say you start dinner at a set time, All of those are using self regulating but sometimes we all have so much going on in the day that we don't use self regulating in the other things that we need to be done in our every day schedule, Like me I have to go to work every morning on time but when I get home my day just don't stop they are things I still have to do and it is hard to try and get everything done then when I do its like I just want to set back and put my feet up then I think I still have to get my school work done. But its like I talk my self out of it and say I have another day to get this finished, When I should not think like that, My assignments should be finished in a timely manner not at the died line, And that is why I am going to start using self regulate and a schedule with work, school and my family, A time to study,