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Find a scholarly research study from the Ashford University Library that uses surveys or interviews for data collection. Also read this week's lecture before submitting your post. Cite the paper in APA format.

Background Information & Methodology
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the satisfaction of the Associates of Science in Nursing program for students participating in the nursing program. Ideally, such students’ satisfaction would be indicators of the program’s successfulness as a whole, though such satisfaction and methodology had yet to be measured in the United States, (Hsiu-Chin & Huan-Sheng, 2015). A survey was administered using a cross-sectional nationwide questionnaire, gathering data from students pertaining to their satisfaction with the ASN program during 2008-2009, (Hsiu-Chin& Huan-Sheng, 2015). The survey was dispersed using “stratified random sampling” to all states according to the number of ASN and ADN programs, (Hsiu-Chin & Huan-Sheng, 2015, p. 30). According to the study, the questionnaires were administered anonymously during a regularly scheduled nursing class, (Hsiu-Chin& Huan-Sheng, 2015).
Evaluation of Method
The use of anonymous questionnaires given to nursing students in the regards to their satisfaction with the ASN program seems to be a useful way to evaluation the successfulness of the program as a whole. Such information gathered through the survey can be useful in pinpointing needed changes within the program. For example, the questionnaire included a section on the nursing facility, curriculum, and environment. The results suggested the lowest item means for student satisfaction pertained to environment. With such information, campus, program chairs, etc. can work on such lacking areas.
Method Comparisons
There are many different types of methods used in research. For example, in-person or face-to-face interviews, phone interviews, and written surveys, just to name a few can used in research. In essence, each methodology has its both pros and cons. For example, in-person