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Module 3

Communication & Development

Emergence of theories of media and social change
Foreign aid part of cold war strategy. This progress helps establish global economic stability.

Wallerstein’s World system theory model
Explain social change

Divides world into countries with the purpose to explain international division of labor.

Semi-periphery core
Builds apon a related theory that trys to explain recent for underdevelopment from developed countries. Leaves poor to be locked in unfavorable trade realation with dominant country. And become depend on culture, investment, politics,education
Progress: economic issues/models ecomoic growth model
Modernization Approach. Traditinal societyAssumption was developemtn that it was irreversible. The low countries wanted to change and be modern.
Social was media was the central agent of culture


Emergence of theories of media and social change helps countries establish global economical stability. When Jamaica became free, they didn’t have the financial needs to be stable or build a powerful economic system.

Life & Debt Jamaica
Discuss 3 main ideas
Connect these ideas with concepts and theories regarding development presented in module 3 and any application from Ch 1 & 2

First present your ideas and then support them with theories and concepts

Sam Anders set up a bank for short term borrowing

When jamica was free they didn’t have an ecomic strength to rebuild

1973 Oil increases and they dream of making money , but went to bank to make money

when you borrowed money you cut back spending so the cutbacks aren’t severe
Jamaica cant finance what it needs, no money for food or building up an economy.

Bank didn’t let borrow long term
Lend money for a short time with full interest rate. Restricted on spendings.
When finish paying they will be in a bind all over

Education was very poor and the IMAC only allowed certain spendings on education
The economy is controlled by foreigners in a way because of import/export of goods.

Reality of Jamaica:
Vacation, weddings, proper way of disposing goods.
Foods come from Miami.
The water is flooded with waste

Market Vendors
Harvest of goods are running low because it is all getting exported in the free market. Government said there would be no import to compete with the world
Subsidise exports- fattening America with the expensive of losing their whole culture.

Reduce trade barriers
Don’t leave a lot of the produce for themselves and tariffs need to be reduced
Overseas produce does well than local because it cost less
Everything used to grow the produce is imported from other places and grown in Jamaica
No one hires money for over 10%

Self reliance-Globalization
United States wanted to sell Jamaica potatoes
United States are telling Jamaica farmers that their goods aren’t the proper size, look, ect.
United States is taking Jamaica’s market and want to convert them to the u.s ways

When IMF is loaning to countries
World trade organization sighnd off the country into the new order of trade- no regulation in the trading
If they loan you 15 million you have to lower your trading barriers, but they are still competiting with each other

Milk are exported and subsidized, that way no one can compete
Milk powder is more expensive
Jamaica produces 90,000 tons of bananas which goes to the UK , it is their market
Farmers trying to find investors but no one will because they can export bananas

Emergence of theories of media and social change helps countries establish global economical stability. When Jamaica became