The Relationship Between The Government And Its Citizens Should Have Neo-Liberal Characteristics

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I believe that the relationship between the government and its citizens should have Neo-liberal characteristics. I support the Neo-liberal approach but to an extent. I believe that if the state does care about its people, than it shouldn't follow the Keynesian model. If this were near the time of World War II, I may have thought differently because of the different factors that led to the Keynesian views being used such as the economic depression. Keynes states that "Social programs [ensured] that people would still have enough money to purchase goods..." and this would help keep the "...economies functioning"(Harder Pg.170). I'm not denying that individuals may need these programs at one time or another, I just believe that the help the government gives to its people should be limited. when this system is used, governments tend to over help its citizens and this can lead to the people relying too heavily on them. This is where I believe the Neo-liberal views should come in. Instead of allowing citizens to rely on the government, the social programs should be limited. The neo-liberal view suggests that the government should allow businesses to grow on its own which would mean less government regulation in the free market. This would increase the competition which would in turn "...keep costs low and encourage innovation."(Harder Pg. 174). Theoretically, this would keep the economy in good shape which would decrease the reliance on social programs and the taxes the citizens