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William M Holland Jr
Phase 1 Discussion Board 2

To understand how Richmans Investments infrastructure domain is affected by the “Internal Use Only” data classification you must first indentify exactly what our infrastructure domains main purpose is. The Infrastructure Domain defines the roles, policies, standards, and technologies that manage the communications and computing hardware infrastructure for Richman Investments distributed computing environment. Disciplines in this domain deal with the connection of the various hardware pieces throughout the company and throughout the world, as well as the various hardware and operating systems. Now that we have defined our Infrastructures Domains purpose we will talk a little about the systems that are affected by “Internal Use Only” standard. We will start of with the remote access domain; the primary concern for our company’s remote access domain is data privacy and confidentiality, by using the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard we can assure that our important documents and information are only seen by users within the company network. We have three part process our company uses to secure remote access first we “specify which users can connect to your intranet from remote locations and which ports and networking protocols they must use”(Securing Remote Access, Microsoft, 2008), then set up a remote access server to handle connections from remote locations. You can configure the remote access server to authorize and manage connections based on the use of pre-shared key, particular ports, particular addresses, and other factors. You can also configure the server to block connections if a user attempts to connect using an incorrect password a certain number of times. This approach helps prevent attackers from gaining access by submitting random sequences of characters as passwords. Last but not least “create a customized remote access connection (called a service profile) that you can distribute to users who want to connect to your intranet from remote locations, by creating and distributing a service profile, you can reduce your support costs by simplifying the connection process and you can help ensure that connections from remote locations use your chosen connection methods and protocols” (Securing Remote Access, Microsoft, 2008). Next we will talk about user domains and how they are affected by internal use only standard, The User Domain defines the people who have access to a company’s information system. This domain contains all of the user information and will enforce an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that will define what each user has permissions to do with any company data that they may have access to. By having the internal use only