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Calendar for Discussion Leaders (names are in red next to topic title)
(per 05 September 2013)

Readings are listed under week they are due.
Full citations appear on the readings.

Week 1

05 September

Course Introduction

Week 2

12 September

Attfield Wild Things: The Material Culture of Everyday Life (everyone bring questions/comments) Chapter 1: “The Meaning of Design: Things with Attitude” (10-43)

Week 3

19 September

THINGS (Brittany Galloway)
Attfield Wild Things: The Material Culture of Everyday Life
Chapter 2: “The Meaning of Design: design in the lower case” (45-73)
“Princess TamTam” or “Objectification” (in class) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsOOWIuWI_o Week 4

26 September

RESISTANCE (Lindsey Moore)
1-minute essay topic proposal (oral)
Heller The Graphic Design Reader
“Barbara Kruger, Graphic Designer?” (205-211)
Erlanger “Point, Shoot, Retouch and Label?” NYT 02.12.09
Klein No Logo
“The Brand Expands” and “Alt. Everything” (27-62)

Week 5

03 October

PHOTOGRAPHY & THINGS (Yulia Grebyonkina)
Sontag On Photography (4-24)
Frosh The Image Factory (49-52)
Trebay “Places, Everyone! Take the Usual Places.” NYT 17.02.10

Week 6

10 October

PHOTOGRAPHY & FASHION (Lily Williams/Maiya Wiester)
Avedon/Israel/Arbus and Fashion
Bosworth Diane Arbus (218-242)
Horne “How Avedon Blurred His Own Image” NYT 14.05.09
Charlie Rose Interviews from 1996/1999/2004 (in class)

Week 7

17 October

3 page essay (no reading responses due this week)
1-minute oral proposal of research paper topic.
Field Trip: Meet at [TBD]
Schjeldahl “Alien Emotions” The New Yorker 04.05.09
Kennedy “New Works by Photography’s Old Masters” NYT 30.04.09
Bogue Deleuze on Cinema (2-48)
Tagg The Burden of Representation (66-71)

Week 8

24 October

IMAGE/CAPITAL/BRAND (Sirat Buck/Brandon Bateman)
150 word proposal for research paper topic (no reading responses due this week) Sennett The Culture of the New Capitalism (139-172)
Schor “Competitive Consumption: The Overspent American”
Barthes Mythologies (36-43, 86-87)

Sweeney “Avon’s Little Sister Is Calling” NYT 12.01.10
Colman “Custom-Made Is Spreading Far Beyond Savile Row” NYT 03.02.10
Clifford “Branding Comes Early in Filmmaking Process” NYT 04.04.10

Week 9

31 October

ADVERTISING & STUFF (Tori Manferdelli/Cassandra Conlin)
Complete Outline and Annotated Bibliography for Paper
Schultze “An Honorable Place” The Business History Review (16-32)
Barbaro “What’s Hot, What’s Not in Stores” NYT 23.11.06
Ryzik “Mapping the Cultural Buzz: How Cool Is That?” NYT 07.04.09

Week 10 07 November

FASHION & TASTE (Crystal Galloway)
Cranz “A New Way of Thinking about Taste” (Lark Books NY:2004)
Sparke “The Architect’s Wife” As Long As It’s Pink (1-12)
Wilson “Irresistible and Affordable” NYT 02.04.09
La Ferla “Always in Her Element” NYT 07.05.09
Kakutani “Brand Che: