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In the reading, it is evident that for an organization to be successful it is essential for employees and employers to practice be candid in the work environment. Several factors that hinder organization the practice of candor are: * The environment is characterized by mistrust and fear. * Innovation and creativity are stifled. * Poor performance can be overlooked, and productivity declines. * “Groupthink” becomes the norm. * Office politics and game playing increase.
In order to create a culture of candor in an organization, both leaders and the people who work at the lower level need to support an environment of openness and trust. Below are a few ways both parties can communicate more clearly and directly, even when addressing sensitive or contentious issues. * Be aware of the barriers to communication in a hierarchy. When organizations have rigid, hierarchical structures, opportunities for open and honest dialogue can be diminished because people may feel fearful or intimidated. Leaders should ensure that the everyday “give and take” in communication is vibrant and ongoing. Reducing the focus on power and status and redirecting efforts toward a common goal help make everyone feel as though they have something valuable to contribute.

There will always be risks involved in being frank and direct, but unexplored differences of viewpoints can be very damaging to an organization. Leaders are counting on people to talk to them straight, even…