Discussion Forum 1: Ethics And Business Professional

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Ethics & Business Professional
Discussion Forum 1: Ethics & Morality

In my life of profession, ethics and morals is something that myself and others at my job struggles with on a daily basis. Working for Accounts Payable, I have to audit monies owed to supplier, vendors, and reimbursements to employees. At times I question if certain workers understand the two behaviors. Although both behaviors relates to knowing/doing right from wrong, they are different in meaning. I believe that Ethics refers to standards being set by society as to what they say is right. For example, as an Accounting Assistant I have to follow ethical principles that are put in place by the State of New Jersey. Regardless of how I feel about it, I have to follow them in order to keep my job or to do my job properly. As to morals, I believe that it is standards that are set based on your personal and spiritual beliefs. For example, the council members voted to pass a resolution to changing how much they can spend on dinner per day. For decades the amount to spend a day for all meals is $25. They changed it from $25 to $100 per dinner where as for other employees the amount stays at $25 a day. Personally I believe that it is wrong because how can you vote to change a rule that pertains to yourself. I think the State of New Jersey should give us the ok to change anything in regards to the funds for the city due to certain people taking advantage of it. As you can see this is one of the struggles that I