Discussion: Influences On Intelligence

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Chapter 7- Discussion: Influences on Intelligence
If someone were to tell me, they analyzed their genetic background and their environmental experiences, concluding in a self-diagnosis stating that environmental factors had little to do with their intelligence I would have to mention some factors that I feel would contradict their analysis and research. I would ask if they are aware of a particular subsection in the scientific field, known as behavior genetics. I will assume they are not, so I would then offer the exact nature of what these scientist study. Those who work and study in the field of behavior genetics, “seek to discover the influence of both heredity and environment on individual differences in human traits and development” (Santrock, 2007, p. 65).
Santrock states behavior geneticists are unable to determine the extent to which genetics or the environment affects an individual’s traits, however, what behavior geneticists try to do is to figure out what is responsible for the various differences among people, (2007, p.65). I find that question very thought provoking and agree with the research they conduct in efforts to show how and why people behave as differently as they do. I believe individuals in society have more than their genetic makeup as an agent that influences their intelligence, as well as other areas of their overall being. The exposure to different environmental factors which humans experience also greatly shape a person into who they actually are or become. I am a firm believer that human beings are a product of both genetic and environmental components.
I feel it also important to mention to those who believe genetics are solely responsible for intelligence, personality traits or behavior that