Professor Centered Teaching Essay

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A Look At Teaching Styles

Individuals have their own varies and preferred way of learning .In every course that you learn, ether on campus or online you should look for opportunities to connect to and to use each one of the two major styles of teaching. The two styles are Professor centered teaching and learner centered teaching. In this essay I will attempt to compare the two styles of the teaching that different professors use. I will compare each of the structures views on philosophy and learning objectives.

In Professor centered teaching the learning objective is usually the transfer of knowledge, information or skills from the instructor to the student. In other words it’s written on the board and the student is expected to write it down and memorize. However learner centered teachings’ objective is to allow student to learn by setting the pace of learning. What I mean by this is that Professors coach and mentor students, facilitating learning and designing experiences through which students may acquire new knowledge and develop new skills .

Usually the professor centered teaching acts on the philosophy that it is the purpose of learning to acquire and memorize new knowledge and new skills. An example of this would be power points and flash cards .On the other hand the underlying philosophy of learner centered teaching is that students learn best by not only receiving knowledge but also by interpreting and learning it through discovery. In example of this would be case studies, Individual and or group projects that allow learners to define the form of their final learning