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Discussion Questions
5. I would have liked the patient to have talked more about her pain. I would’ve liked to hear more about when she notices the pain, how often she has the pain and if it seems worse while she is doing something specific. Also, she said she had a rough week, what made it a rough week? When she was talking about the “scale of pain being between 1-10” I would not have cut her off and let her continue talking about the pain so I could understand more about why it’s a 6 sometimes and other times it is a 3 or 4. The last thing I would have liked her to talk more about would be her bowl movements. The doctor didn’t really let her elaborate on how her bowls have been. With the bowl conversation I think she could have talked about her nausea and feeling ill. To me, I think all of these things would’ve tied more together to make a much more logical reasoning to why the doctor wanted to run all of the tests.
6. I think the provider could have changed his communication in many ways. To me he was very vague with the patient. He cut the patient off numerous times and didn’t let her finish explaining her symptoms. Also, when he was talking about running tests on the patient he didn’t explain why he wanted to run such tests. I believe he should have explained why he wanted to run the tests. If he would’ve explained to her why he wanted to run the tests I’m thinking she would’ve felt a little more calm and not so anxious. At the end of the appointment he didn’t tell her what he was thinking was wrong with her. Instead, he left her sitting in a room by herself and told her to just relax. I would not be able to relax not knowing what was possibly wrong with me.

Follow-up Questions
5. The patient was able to fully explain what happened to the doctor in this example. She was able to tell him that she was in an accident of falling on the ice. I believe the patient felt much more comfortable being dressed fully then