Discussion Unit 3 Essay

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Discussion Unit 3
Justice Walker
Kaplan University
HS100: Intro to Health Science

Topic 1:
After viewing the video presentation of careers in my choice of profession I learned two things. One, that after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree of Health care administration and management you will have to take a test for a License to be a nursing home administrator and two; certain health care administrative positions require a Master’s degree.
This is definitely a profession I can see myself in long term because I already have experience in management, I will have a say in state-administered health programs, and also help people by making policies to better their health care experience in facilities.
Professionalism, college educated, and having a strong foundation were skills and behaviors that I identified as being specific to my profession.
The other videos I watched were for the programs Nutrition Science and Phlebotomy. I will come in collaboration with both of these because the same people I will make policies to better the health care experience of will be the same people Phlebotomist test and the same patients that Nutritionist will come up with healthy eating plans for.

Topic 2:
It is important to include a greeting in professional and academic emails to show respect for the recipient, it would be very rude to just send an email with no type of “hello”, and just jumping straight to the gun going into details.
Some consequences of not including a signature in an email to a professor, classmate, or a prospective employer might be that the recipient reads the email as impolite or not take your