Introduction To Discussion Etiquette

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Discussion Etiquette Discussions can be access from each learning Module or from the Discussions content menu on the left. Each discussion has its own thread so check the thread title before responding to assure you are responding to the correct Discussion Thread. Respect others views. This is not a debate class. You are sharing your views and considering the views of others. Differing viewpoints are not personal attacks, they are just differing viewpoints. Listen and explore the situations presented to you with an open mind. Be professional and courteous. Profanity is not professional or courteous. 1) Thoughtful and Complete:
Each week discussion questions will be posted. Post your reaction to this thread by Friday, midnight each week. Your response should be at least 50-100 words. Your response should explore and analyze the situation incorporating textbook materials and any additional research you have done on the topic. Add your personal opinion. Cite resources used to answer the questions. 2) Respond to Other Students:
After you have posted your response, read the responses of the other students. After Friday and before Sunday, midnight, respond to 2, or more, other students. Responses should be at least three sentences and add insight to the topic. Comments like: “I agree with you” or “You gave a good response”, are not substantial and will not count as a response. Explain why you agree or disagree, adding any additional ideas that