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Assignment #3
HRM 530 – Strategic Human Resources Management

Dismissal Meeting
1. Propose three (3) ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff.
When the economy — or a company’s business — goes south, the quickest way a company can chop its costs is by laying off its employees. It’s never popular and often companies will try other cost-cutting measures long before they have to cut workers, but if you’re among those who get the pink slip, you don’t really care. You just lost your job.
For many, being laid off is something that will be unexpected and shocking. Unless you work in a seasonal industry where layoffs occur with annual regularity, a layoff is akin to
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Give the employee the termination letter per your company practice and/or state requirements. Step 5) Immediately following the termination meeting, allow the employee to retrieve personal items from their workspace, but be sure to stay with the employee. This allows the employee to get their personal items and helps to mitigate claims that you did not give them these items. It also is a respectful gesture. Step 6) Gather company property (e.g., badges, keys, credit cards, phones, laptops, parking pass) from the employee. Step 7) Give the employee his/her final paycheck as promptly as possible, no later than the next regular payday or sooner. Be sure to pay the employee in full for their last day of work regardless of the time of day that he/she leaves and to pay the employee for any accrued vacation or paid time off per your state’s requirements and/or company policy. Step 8) Have the employee leave the premises immediately following the termination meeting and gathering of their personal belongings. Step 9) Document the termination meeting. Note any comments made by the employee. (Brown, J., People Tactics, August 30, 2013)
3. Determine the compensation that the fictitious company may provide to the separated employee. Severance Eligible Employees A non-Officer Employee is eligible to receive Severance Pay. A non-Officer Employee or Vice President who is terminated due to the following reasons is eligible to receive Severance