Disney: Be Our Guest: Chapter 1 Article Review

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Disney: Be Our Guest Chapter 1 Article Review
Nick Fox
MKT 4346
Professor Douglas Gatton

“Bumping the Lamp” according to Disney is a corporate wide obsession to detail. Walt Disney was the one who made sure and demanded that everyone who worked at Disney also was focused on every single detail. Disney started out with hand drawn animation, with twenty-four frames per second all having to be perfectly in sync with one another. This amount of detail has then translated to all aspects of what Disney does because “exceeding guests’ expectations is their service strategy, and paying attention to every detail is the tactic by which it is accomplished.” First you must meet then you must exceed! In the article “Customer Service Starts with Attention to Details” by Ron Zemke speaks about Moments of truth. Attention to detail isn’t just putting on a fake smile and acting happy for the customer, it is the way you remember that any opportunity you have to come in contact with someone gives them a chance to form an opinion, impression either good or bad. Much like Disney the way they insert two peepholes in the doors one for kids and one for adults, or the placement and appearance of their trash cans, moments of truths can occur at any time by a sight, smell, response time, or personal contact with a guest. It’s different for each person, which is why attention to all the details is key. Zemke brings up a point that I believe gets lost way too often