Disney: Computer Security and Hard Security Company Essay

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MBA 525: Applied Marketing

Marketing Plan

Student: Aleksey Biryukov

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I. Executive Summary

Hard Security Company will begin operations in January, 2009 and provide high security networked solutions to customers inside the United States and abroad, specifically targeting companies having more than 100 employees. The founders of the Hard Security Company are experienced Information Technology and Business professionals and passionate about the software solutions Hard Security Company will promote and offer.
An opportunity of Hard Security Company’s success exists because the file and network security software currently available on the market lacks essential capabilities of monitoring access to the proprietary information on the file level, thus not protecting intellectual property from unauthorized personnel inside the company, making it available for employees to have access to the sensitive company’s data. Hard Security Company is poised to take advantage of this growth and lack of competition with an experienced staff, excellent location, and effective management and marketing. Hard Security Company’s target market is an exploitable niche and Hard Security Company will provide a specialized and thus differentiated security software solutions and services. Prices will be competitive with the remainder of the market. The company's estimated sales for the first year of operations is $534,607, increasing 10%-20% annually for the next two years.

II. Environmental Analysis

A. The Marketing Environment

Hard Security Inc. is a startup businesses geared toward development and sales of the computer security software. The focus of the computer security software designed and produced by the Hard Security Inc. is to protect Intellectual Property (IP) and any proprietary information stored in electronic format. The company will be established and ran in the state of Washington, USA in the year of 2009.


Hard Security Inc. software and services differ drastically from the security software and security service offered by many different software security companies. Instead of focusing on restricting/granting user privileges based on hardware or software resource, the products and services offered by the Hard Security Inc. focus on managing users privileges at the document level, regardless of physical location of the electronic copy of any proprietary electronically stored piece of data.
In the light of the information provided in the previous paragraph, it is impossible to identify any direct competitors of the Hard Security Inc. software products and service. However, there are many of indirect competitors, which provide software security products. Hard Security Company products will be clearly differentiated from the rest of the security products currently available on the market.

Economic Factors

Hard Security Inc. will be established in the state of Washington, USA. The state’s economy is mostly technology oriented, having some of the biggest world-size technological companies operating within the boundaries of the Washington State. Microsoft Inc. and The Boeing Co. are the biggest employers of the Washington State.
Washington State follows the general trends of the United States economy, following country’s economical cycles. The inflation dynamics of the Washington State follows the dynamics of the United States economy as well.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

Hard Security Inc. will be established in the United States; therefore the company will be subject to United States labor laws and Washington State labor laws. Hard Security Inc. will have to comply, in addition to the labor laws, with the national and state tax laws.
It is mandatory to comply with the US labor law legislature. “The Department of Labor (DOL) administers and enforces more than 180 federal laws. These mandates and