Disney: Film and Classic Disney Children Essay

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Pro Disney The idea that Disney films impose unrealistic and detrimental values on children is pure ludicrous and nonsense. There should most definitely not be an age restriction on these classic Disney children’s movies. People who believe that Disney’s children’s movies are harming their children and teaching them the wrong beliefs are just flat out wrong. In the children’s movie Beauty and the Beast a very important moral is taught which is that beauty is from within not on the outside. Bell sees the caring and beautiful prince inside of the scary looking beast which informs children to not judge a book by it’s cover. This is a great lesson for children because who wants a child who only appreciates outer beauty and does not even consider what really matters which is what is in the inside. For those critics who believe that Disney children’s movies only focus on boys or men and how they are always the hero then how do they explain Mulan. One of Disney’s most renowned children’s movies is Mulan which tells the story of a girl who goes to fight for her country and almost single handedly wins the war for her country. Although she is pretending to be a man in the film because the government of China would not allow women to fight in war, the viewer still knows she is a women throughout the film. Any girl who watches Mulan is going to feel invigorated and a sense of pride when the movie is over. Mulan is a classic example of how Disney movies are not all about men who save the day. The moral of this movie would be anyone can be a hero and that is truly an inspiring and great message that will put hope into the eyes of all children. In Barbara Wilson’s scholarly reports in “Media and Children’s Aggression, Fear, and Altruism” she talks about how Disney made productions actually influence children not to fight but to solve problems with their words.…