Disney: Human Rights and Normative Commitment Values Essay

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Walt Disney Company
Jaime Fullana

Leadership Commitment
● CEO: Robert A. Iger
● Leadership Styles
○ Delegative
● Sources of Energy
○ Reward energy
● Motivation
○ Expectancy theory
● Commitment
○ Affective Commitment
○ Continuance Commitment
○ Normative Commitment

Values & Mission Statement
● Values o Integrity o Trust o Teamwork o Honesty o Play By the Rules o Respect

● Mission Statement o Focus on what makes Brand unique o Less focus on profits

Standard of Business Conduct
● Intend that all employees have: o Knowledge to act ethically and legally o Training to act ethically and legally
● Breaks down company’s values into subcategories o Employees know right from wrong o Know consequences of actions

U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines
● Money Laundering o Terrorism, drug dealing, fraud, etc o Not tolerated by any means

● Inside Information and Securities o Material inside information about Disney is not available to the public o You cannot trade in company stock knowing about inside information

● Labor Standards o 7 international labor standards o Comply with employment laws in all markets where they operate

Corporate Ethics
● Guidelines to reporting:

o o o o ● Resources to reporting:

o Online
Questionable activity
 www.DisneyGuidline.com
Concerns with Company accounting o Call
 800-699-4870
Need guidance on businessconduct issues
● Corporate Offices o 500 S Buena Vista St
Suspicious unethical and illegal behavior Burbank, CA 91521

Social Responsibility
● Leader in