Disney Policy Change Essay examples

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Disney Policy Change

The Disney Corporation has been around for many years thanks to Walt Disney’s hard work and dedication. There has been more and more visitors to Disney theme parks since they were first opened. Some of these visitors consisted of the disabled. Changes had to be made to make their visits more comfortable and accommodating. The Disney Corporation made big changes with their policies regarding the disabled. Over the recent years there have been issues with theme parks and how the disabled were accommodated. People were hiring the disabled to get them at the front of all park rides. Some changes were made to help with these issues. Due to the abuse of the disabled perks there are now new policies to follow upon visiting Disney theme parks. In the beginning, these policies were made to help disabled make their way around the parks without so much stress. However the new policies were put in place to stop the misuse of the disabled skipping ahead of those in lines before them. Now they are given time cars to come back at a later time for their turn to ride. This allows for an equal outcome between visitors. No longer will there be any more bumping ahead of other guests in the lines. Disney now has it to where those with disabilities must get an access card before entrance so no one can abuse the system. No proof of disability is needed for the access card. The access card does not mean that the person will be able to get on the ride