Disney Princesses And Their Influence On Self Esteem

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All over the world, princesses are seen in many different ways, from the flawless leaders that little girls look up to and emulate, to the perfect women that will only hurt the self esteem of little girls. Their legacy started with their appearance in mythological traditions and can traced to their influence through the centuries and their imprint that they have left on popular culture today. Disney has created a brand that some people, like feminists and concerned parents, can perceive as portraying women in a weak, stereotypical way. However, others may see princesses as charismatic warriors, that are beautiful inside and out and full of unconditional optimism. Experts such as Virginia Postrel, a journalist for the New York Times, argued that they show young girls that they are special and deserve to be treated so and that their life can be …show more content…
Frozen alone sold over 3 million dresses, each about $50 to $100, meaning that more people have Elsa and Anna dresses then live in Mississippi, Maine, or Hawaii. According to the National Retail Federation, 3.4 million children dressed up as princesses for Halloween. Over 3 million children worldwide look up to and admire the Disney Princesses, proving that they are role models to many. In 2001, even Mattel created a line of princess barbies because their profits were drastically decreasing due to Disney. Outside of the Disney franchise, the British royal family has gained a great deal of recognition. Around 300 million people tuned in to watch the royal wedding between William and Kate Middleton. This manifestation of views concedes the popularity of princesses and the life that they hold. The princesses play a huge part in the popular culture of the modern world and are the crux of a girl’s childhood, teaching them important life lessons through a way that helps with the development of their imagination and