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February 18, 2013
MGMT 3000
Adventureland: Disney’s Foreign Operations

The Walt Disney Company started as a small entertainment company in 1923. Since that time the company has used various strategies enabling them to grow into a global entertainment company. One growth strategy has been the building of theme parks across the globe. Deciding on what location to build the parks is very challenging and many factors are used in determining the right location. The Walt Disney Company has previously built theme parks in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong. There are plans of building another theme park in Shanghai which would be an excellent idea. “Executives expect Shanghai to makes its “gigantic splashi” in 2015.” (Shankman) Shanghai is the largest city in China with over 23 million people. A Walt Disney Company theme park built in a city with that many people I feel would generate a lot of revenue. The Shanghai location has the potential to be the most successful of all of the Disney theme parks.

Walt Disney has learned a lot on how to build a successful theme park from their past experiences. Also already having a theme park in China will give them a good idea on what to expect with the Shanghai. Another reason why many think the Shanghai location will be so successful is because of the governments desire of domestic consumption. “There has been amazing growth in the Chinese theme park market. The government is encouraging domestic consumption and when consumers spend more internally, one of the things they spend on is leisure." (Jones) Walt