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Emina Hublic

In order for the expansion of Disney to be successful, there are several workplace laws that must be fulfilled. The decisions within the Disney expansion and the actions within the legal system, contain evident consequences. For this reason, gaining an understanding of the rights and responsibilities, and of how the legal system functions, is the paramount of importance when it comes to making the right decisions when necessary.

Occupational health and safety is said to be a disciplinary area that is a fundamental principle in which Disney must consider. This allows for the expansion of Disney to foster a safe and healthy working environment for the people. Upon expanding the company, there are responsibilities that they must ensure do not create health and safety problems for employers, employees and the general public. The Walt Disney company states 'The company aims to minimise risks and associated costs by providing professional technical services that foster the safest environment possible' (Safety and Security). The National Policy on Safety, Health and Environment at Work Place by the Government of India (International Labour Organization), is a law that is reviewed every five years. This law must be taken into consideration for the Goa expansion. By acknowledging and understanding the Workplace Health and safety laws, it will assist the company in avoiding further costs regarding damage, due to injury and illness, thus allowing them to provide a strong foundation in order to achieve long-term success. If these laws are not followed, the indirect costs will intensify in damages, recruitment, as well as inefficiency. When expanding Disney, key elements can be practiced. For instance investigating and resolving complaints made by the public and employees, ensuring that suitable records are kept regarding health hazards and accidents, as well as promoting health and safety programs in order to gather information regarding existing potential hazards.

Upon electing Goa as a desired destination, Government played a significant role in determining whether or not this destination was suitable. The trends within Goa have ruptured dramatically. The frequent changes within the Goan government has grown drastically (Rohit Joshi, 2014) resulting in political instability, thus causing legal issues. The result of these regular changes can cause great difficulty with the need of policies going through governmental process, meaning the government could be overall less effective in the assistance of a successful Disney. In order to expand, there is a primary focus placed upon infrastructure. This requires a sustained effort of the sort that can be best provided by a stable government. The inability to also provide a good climate for change causes several ramifications. Investing in Disney provides an immense amount of risks due to the possibility of failure, causing chaos as well as destroying potential investments. The law cannot be constantly changing. This does not mean that the law should not change- it should change in accordance to the wants and needs of society (Ouliaris, J 2010) and must be sufficiently flexible for the expansion of Disney.

Encouraging ethical behaviour is a major leading factor to the success of