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Walt Disney Company has grown into a huge diversified company, but started off pretty humbly with a man named Walt Disney. Walt Disney Studios began in the back office of a real estate agency in Hollywood (, n.d.). Walt Disney’s first piece of work was a cartoon film called Alice’s Wonderland. From this film he developed a series of comedies called Alice Comedies. These comedies were released on October 16th 1923, which is the official beginning of the Walt Disney Company. It was in 1928 that the cartoon star Mickey Mouse was born with the release of a Mickey Mouse movie that would follow with many Mickey Mouse cartoons. A man in New York offered Walt Disney $300 to put Mickey Mouse on some pencils, which is when Walt Disney found out how profitable merchandising and licensing could be. In 1934, Walt Disney decided to create his first animated film with the help of his employees. This is the year that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released. This was the highest grossing film of all time. Walt Disney would now see that films were where he would earn the most money. Following Snow White and the Seven Dwarves came Pinocchio and fantasia in the 1940’s, which were great pieces of work but came at the same time as World War II, when there wasn’t much money for households to spend at cinemas. The 1950’s saw the introduction of Cinderella, the Mickey Mouse Club, and the first live-action film Treasure Island.
Walt Disney decided to branch out and in 1955 he entered the amusement park industry. He wanted to create a park that was enjoyable for both adults and children. Disneyland of California attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and was an overall success. The parks are frequently improving their facilities with new attractions. Walt said that Disneyland would never be completed as long as there was still imagination in the world. Walt Disney aspired to create a theme park on the east coast, and Disneyworld was completed in