Disney: Walt Disney and Little Mermaid Essay

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Discuss feminism as it relates to Disney’s female lead characters.
Walt Disney film industry displays the leading female characters of its animated motion pictures as the ideal female physique. Each leading female character serves as the symbol of physical flawlessness. Each Disney heroine possesses a small waistline, perfect facial features, flawless skin, voluptuous curves, skin tight clothing that attract the opposite sex. Also, women are characterized as the weaker link by showing that most women need a man to be rescued, that without a man in their lives they are lost and need direction. Also, media keeps making the same stories about the same thin, wide eyed white women over and over again while missing out on any opportunities for diversity. The portrayal of characters such The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Pocahontas creates and idealized image of the female body type. This image becomes a prime factor to teenage eating disorders and depression.

2. Using the little mermaid as an example, discuss what boys are strongly positioned to believe at the end of the film
Younger boys will probably interpret the story that you have to change who you are—not simple to be loved, but also accepted by others. They would believe that women have to change themselves for men in order to be loved and accepted, for example, Ariel gave up her voice, family and desires to be with the prince as society would not accept her true form. This tells younger viewers they have to change