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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Multiple Personalities

Film: Sybil 2007 Remake
Tammy Blanchard /Jessica Lang Definition: Conditions Condition characterized by the presence of 2 or more distinct identities or personalities states that recurrently take control of the person’s behavior

The film Sybil was based on Life oF Sybil #### who in 1957 was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Sybil was thought to have 16 different and distinct personalities. The cause was determined to to be the result of severe abuse as a child inflicted upon her from her mother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia when Sibil was just 3 years old and was left untreated that very well could have been the cause of the abuse Beginning at very early childhood and Though her teen Years . Though we cannot be for ceratin if that was the cause of the abuse or if the mother had additional issues that we are not aware of. It would have been interesting to find that out , I would have liked to know the full psychological history of the mother and her upbringing . I am also curiouse if the mother was not the only one that was abusing her and could it have been both parents but she blocked out the father . another thought could it have been the father and she put it on her mother for not protecting her .
I say this because in the film they showed her at a early age in the room all the time wide awake when her parents were having sex . Was she forced to watch ? AND IF SO BY Whom ? was she forced to partake and chose to block this out ?
The films portrayal of Sybil and the ways that she had acted out was right on point and completely accurate the lapses of memory , Sybil had no recollection of the” others” taking over