Essay on Dispute Resolution and Mediation

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Good evening. My name is Billy Wilson and this is ________________________. We will be conducting your mediation today. I would first like to thank you for choosing mediation. Mediation is great for several reasons. With mediation you can avoid the high costs, uncertainty, and stress of a trial. Trials can also take years to resolve. Mediation, on the other hand, will allow you to walk out of this room today with a solution that both of you will endorse because you decided it- not a jury, not a judge, not myself or my co-mediator. Your are in control and you will decide the outcome today. I have found mediation extremely successful. I am very confident that is possible to resolve this dispute through mediation. Also, I want to reassure you that anything you say today cannot be subpoenaed in court. Now I will explain to you the process of today’s mediation. First, each party will give their opening remarks. This will allow you the opportunity to express your side clearly and without interruption. Please be courteous, this will give you a chance to understand the situation as a whole and find some possible common ground. After opening remarks, my co-mediator and I will meet each of you individually in a private caucus to discuss possible resolutions. We will continue to alternate parties until we find a solution that suits both parties. I want to reassure you that everything you say to us in the caucus is completely confidential. Also, what you say to us in the private caucus we will not tell the other party, unless we have your permission. It is best that during the caucus you keep communication open with us and tell us…