Disruptive Behavior Disorder Case Study

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Disruptive Behavior Disorder (NOS)
Anntionette Burks
Lake Shore High School

Sometimes, clinicians become aware of extreme cases where a child’s behavior is disruptive to the point that there is a real life problem occurring, but yet, not enough symptoms are present to warrant the diagnosis of either Conduct Disorder (CD) or Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Disruptive Behavior Disorder is an expression used to describe a pattern of negative behavior that occurs during childhood. What is Conduct Disorder?
Conduct disorder is a far more serious disorder that typically isn’t diagnosed until the child’s teenage years. There is still no cause of this condition. It’s believed to be caused by genetic
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He was treated after MDT. MDT is Mode Deactivation Therapy. He was treated for four months and his behavior problems have reduced tremendously. Peter was diagnosed with Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and Personality Disorder Traits. Peter displayed continuous patterns of disruptive behaviors including: fire setting, lying, property destruction, school behavior problems, and academic problems. He has also tortured animals in front of other children. Later on they found out that Peter had a powerful fear of feeling dumb and humiliated which had led him to these disorders. Peter’s residential treatment included individual therapy once a week and social skills training during school and on the residential unit. Peter is now doing much better and is learning how to deal with his disorder in better ways. The process also taught Peter how to balance his beliefs for himself. As a result, he developed and learned a new belief, to trust some people some of the time. (International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, …show more content…
While all children go through periods of testing limits by acting out in negative behaviors, children with DBD participate in these behaviors to such an extreme that it affects their everyday lives, as well as the lives of those around them. Children with this kind of behavior needs special love and attention and they should always get treated with the same respect as any other child, you never know what’s going on with a person on the