Essay on Disscussion of Change in Poetry

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Question: How do the poets explore the concept of change?

To change is to transform, to undergo metamorphosis. It is essential and unavoidable in life. ‘In black and white' by Eleni Fourtouni and ‘My brother' by Bruce Dawe attempt to encapsulate the essence of change and demonstrate its complexity. The poets create this imagery and make their point through techniques and structure.

Eleni Fourtouni explores the concept of change through eloquent phrasing and descriptive imagery. ‘In black and white' describes the journey from girl to women and the relationships that generate life long memories. Eleni Fourtouni reflects upon her childhood whilst gazing at a photograph laced with forgotten memories of 10 years prior. Time has cascaded
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He recognises that in the past, men and women of middle age were just as successful and rapid in life, however today a massive change has occurred. The technology generation has become ruthless in their pursuit to live life on the edge, leaving the rest to pursue more relaxed subdued lifestyles. Dawe comments on this; ‘I didn't have the heart to tell you, they didn't drive at that speed anymore, (not in the middle lanes, anyway)'. Dawe uses the analogy of three lanes to represent the three stages of life. The first lane is youth, the middle lane is middle age and the third represents old age. He comments that the second and third lanes can no longer keep up with the first. They are being swamped with the activity that is brimming from the youth.

The structure of ‘My brother' allows the poem to adopt dual meaning, the sentences are broken up purposefully to both create suspense and add effect and to dive into another subject with each new line. His style of writing allows the reader to be involved in the poem. He uses colloquial language to engage and identify with all readers; ‘the traffic keep cutting you down', ‘I didn't have the heart', ‘I wished to hell'. In stanza 4, the author ironically uses the phrase ‘minding your own business, miles away', when the theme is that of a highway.

The poems ‘in black and white' and ‘my brother' are prime examples of change as they both explore the intricate, erratic and multi dimensional nature and levels of