Dissociative Identity Disorder and Communication Essay

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In this critical reflection paper, I will aim to discuss ways in which those diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) attempt to communicate with their co-personalities, also how those with DID sort through the multi-personality layers within themselves to aim for a sense of normality, calmness and co-existence.

Communication is an important part of those diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorders. DID can commonly be described as a severe condition in which two or more distinct identities, or personality states, are present in—and alternately take control of—an individual, John Wiley (2012).

The process involved in breaking down the layers of personality begins with looking at the Russian Matouschka dolls analogy,
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The Survival Stage is that mode of being by which we seek to survive primal wounding in our lives. This wounding is the result of a violation we all suffer in various ways, a violation in which we are treated not as individual, unique human beings, but as objects’, Assagioli (1984). During the exploration stage, those with dissociative disorders become conscious of the different levels of their existence, exploration of the middle, higher and lower sectors of the unconscious as well as relationships with other people. It is in this stage that the client realises that there is a clear distinction from each identity, through progression, each ‘alter’ has a responsibility that differentiates from the others.
During the Emergence of ‘I’ stage, the patient with DID is able to guide the personality states into a more authentic expression of themselves, to nurture and grow these different aspects. This continues on through to contact with self and response to self. Active relationships are formed, negotiation of rules and boundaries are developed.
The result of the Psychosynthesis treatment being that the client is more settled in everyday living, strong communication lines have been formed to suit the client and the various personalities they possess. These generally consist of note taking between the ‘alters’, group meetings and