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Indhira Acevedo
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19 October 2012 Dissolution, Evolution The Metamorphosis is the story of traveling salesman Gregor Samsa who one day strangely wakes up transformed into a monstrous insect. Because of this the lives of Gregor and those around him are forced to change. Those changes wake up challenges and problems among them, making everyone on the Samsa family show their real self. Gregor’s metamorphosis is not only about his physical transformation, but also about experiencing spiritual and emotional evolutions from everyone on his environment.

One morning young Gregor Samsa wakes up to his surprise that his body had abnormally transformed into something that no human mind can comprehend. He wakes up as a giant weird vermin. Confused he starts looking at his new body and as a normal person would, he could not find logic to it. ‘’What’s happened to me? he thought. It wasn’t a dream’’ (Kafka, 1). As he started looking around, he watched through the windows and saw the rainy weather.
Melancholically Gregor tried to fall asleep again in hope that all that craziness would go away, but as he tried to sleep he notices his body is not able to do the things it would normally do. His anatomy had changed completely without an answer. Gregor is known for being the responsible one in his family. His dad had a huge debt to the chief clerk. As a result to this, Gregor had to work really hard to support his home. Even though he was a really hardworking young man,
Gregor shows extremely unhappiness with his job…”Oh, God”, he thought, ‘’what a strenuous career it is that I’ve chosen!’’(Kafka, 1) The only reason he was working as a salesman was because his family was financially dependent of him. As a routine on his daily basics, young
Samsa had to get up really early to take the train and get to work. As he looks at the clock he realizes he was late and starts to worry about getting there soon, but due to his transformation it was really difficult for him to even get out of bed. Still with those difficulties, the only thing on his mind was that he would get fired if he did not get to work early. This shows how monotonous
Gregor life was. His life was simple, predictable with no adventures. He was young yet he had not lived at all. His only preoccupation was working to pay for his family’s expenses. Same routine day after day.

After being locked in his room for quite a long time, Gregor’s family noticed something was wrong. It was strange of him to be late for work. For this reason, his mom and his little sister
Grete were trying to get to him by knocking on his bedroom door; but due to his new body conditions it was really difficult for Gregor to get up and open. Desperate he tries to talk to them but everything even his voice was different. When hearing his strange voice, the rest of the
Samsa family thought he was sick. Meanwhile it was a surprise for Gregor to know that his boss had showed up to his house complaining about his job qualities. That is when Gregor then tried his best to get up and defend himself. When Gregor successfully gets to open the door, his family was really shocked causing Mrs. Samsa to faint, Gregor’s boss was petrified and soon ran away without hesitation and it made Mr. Samsa really disgusted and annoyed. It is shown in the books how as soon as his father saw his condition, he treated him with such disgust that he started beating him up to get him into his room again like a useless piece of trash. Throughout the story it is shown how Gregor’s father took advantage of the fact that his son was the one providing in his house. Not only the chief clerk but also his father exploited him. Once Gregor was unable to work, he was useless for his dad. He did not need him anymore and so the treatment towards him also changed. Just like Benjamin Disraeli (British Prime Minister) says ‘’Nobody is…