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“the year is 3014 it is april 5. the world is under attack by aliens that look like huge ants. the fly around in ships attacking everything they can. they can’t dig so we are in a military bunker that is under ground.” i typed into my lap desk which is a transparent piece of plastic that has a computer and a projector built into the rubber handles. the door slides open and my commander says to me
“ get up willis its time for the battle.” i had forgotten that we had a game today against the hawks. i jumped out of my bunk and put my hand on the black pad
“zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”the sound was familiar to me. it meant that the pad was scanning my hand to allow me access to my locker. “click” then the locker doors swung open thanks to some air pressure cylinders that i found and installed so i don't have to open the doors. i grabbed my battle suit and put it on. the suit was skin tight and had a sensors embedded into the fabric so that when an infrared beam hits it the send current to locks witch lock that part of the body up and disables it but if you get shot in the middle of your chest the suit locks up your entire body. then i grabbed my mic and helmet and put them on. i pressed the button on the side of the helmet to turn on the power. the visor illuminated and started displaying words that moved too fast for me to reed like it always did then through the speaker in the helmet that was by my ear a voice came , it was my toon leader “ hey has anyone seen andrew willis, if he doesn't get here in the next two minutes i'm kicking him from this platoon because he caused us to forfeit the match.” i ran as fast as i could to the gate and i made it just in time for the match official to check and make sure we had the minimum players. my toon leader eric grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face him and asked in a angered tone of voice “ where have you been magut, you almost cost us the match. what do you have to say for yourself.”
“ sir i had to go get a new suit my old one wouldn't fit sir” i knew it was a lie but he knew i had been growing a lot lately and i had already gone through four suits in the past eight weeks. so i knew he wouldn't go and check to see if i was lying or telling the truth. the gate opened as soon as he let go of my shoulder and we got back in line. the rooms were different every time we had a battle. this time it was a forest and the trees were thick. it made it hard to see what was coming till you were right on it. each of the four toons went in different directions so we can surround the enemy which is a maneuver called flanking . the enemy did what they always did stick together and protect each other which made it easy to defeat them. i was in toon four so we had the right side of the arena. we made our way to the other gate but they left it unattended this time and all it took to open the gate was four people to press their helm on the corners and one person to walk through to win we had five in each toon so the other four put their helms to the corners and told me to walk through. as i walked through the buzzer sounded notifying everyone on the game was over and that someone had gone through a gate. everyone was all ecstatic and happy because we won. back in my toons room everyone was patting me on the shoulder and congratulating me when the commander walked in then