Distress: Person and Great Stress Essay

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In recent years there has been increasing awareness about the causes of stress and people have been trying to cope with this problem. The objective of this essay is to outline both causes of stress and appropriate ways of dealing with it.
Stressors can be divided into two groups: external factors related to environment and internal factors intertwined with individuality. There are many aspects of life that can become external stressors. For example, students can be stressful due to the high pressure from study, peers or high expectations of either parents or teachers. In work environment conflicts with colleagues or bosses, heavy workload can also put many people under stress. Furthermore, unpleasant living environment and fast-paced lifestyle also account for stress.
Many stressors arise from personal factors. Interpreting situations differently; as a result, people are affected by them variously. Optimists are less likely to be heavily affected by adversities. For instance, a failure regarded as a shame by many people might be taken as an extremely useful lesson to try more to others. Another stark example is that people who are perfectionists usually undergo great stress when they fail to achieve their targets. Of equal importance is the ability to handle with some issues, such as time, money and love. Because of the numerous attitudes toward an issue and responses to an event, the effect of stress management skills significantly varies from person to person.
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