Distribution of Wealth Essay

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Distribution of Wealth?

Wealth has affected american society and evermore has affect the fabric of families. Has the distribution of wealth gotten so out of control that the effect will reverberate for generations to come and as a society can we do something about it.
When we were tasked to write this final research paper on one of the topics from the discussions over the past semester i knew that i had to do a topic that i had dealt with on some personal level even know i have experienced many of the topics over the last semester the one that spoke to me the most is the distribution of wealth because of the simple fact that in my core family unit there is a gap in the distribution of wealth with me now below the poverty line my
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so when i posed these questions to my self i came up with completely different answers my answers that revolved around stress and uncertainty yet still happy
Now exploring the other side of the equation in an ABC news report poll done in 2011 six in ten americans believe that the government should have a plan set in place that that eases the gap in wealth in america. In another piece by Domhoff he resounds this idea and add that the most disturbing fact about the wealth gap ratio has increased at an amazing rate in the gap between the average worker and the CEO. To me i am believer in capitalism and believe that as citizen in the us have every chance afforded to them in america the greatest thing in america is you can become rich and successful off doing just about anything we have people that are famous for making youtube videos, people who are famous for being horrible people, we also have people who are famous for making a $sex tape this is the great thing about america it may not be what we as americans think as “fair” or “right” but thats the great thing about a free society that allows you to do whatever you want to create a good life for yourself america has the greatest free economy in all the world and the rate of new millionaires has grown at a faster rate than ever before in a report in time