District 9's Racist Depiction In The Film Birth Of A Nation

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District 9 is the 2009 film about the transforming human Wikus finds the true meaning of living as a human while helps aliens to get home. Similar to DW Griffith’s thematically racist depiction in his film Birth of a Nation, Neill Blomkamp also applies that in District 9. However, the racist depiction definitely is not the ultimate goal of the film. In fact, District 9 is wearing the cloth of science-fiction with the strong depiction of racism, but acts as the satirical and thought-provoking fable. In other words, District 9 presents the story between humans and aliens but actually tells the regaining the humanity by knowing how to treat others. Other in this case is the one expect yourself, no matter you are in the same race or not. Therefore, this paper is going to explain how District 9 uses its racist depiction as the tool to offer the hope to conquer the gap of racism, and tells audiences what is the meaning of being human and how to righteously deal with the self and others, treating others as equal as you want to be treated, rather than only holding prejudice toward others. Rather than only put negative portray on Nigerians, the film sets all human in the passive light. First of all, the documentary beginning shows audiences the biased vision of human beings toward these aliens, those others. Instead of truly offering any sympathy toward these alien refuges, humans see those aliens as …show more content…
To take away the alien skin, the film is about humans, and about humanity. The film intends to tell audiences the righteous way of treating others, rather than just think of own profit, to feel and to connect with others is necessary for a person to be deserved to call a human. Meanwhile, to respect others is also filled in the righteous standard to treat others. Only walking through this way, can we all be better person for the salvation of the