Divergent: World War Ii and 8 -year Old Bruno Essay

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It’s quite clear now – life may not always be fair. Whatever you do in life may not get what you want. And everyone has something they want to change about this life. But approaching your destination to whatever you want to change is a whole different story. You see all of us as we are heading to the change you want to see in the world you get stuck. Like your feet are in cement, we can't move and were so afraid that if we were to take a risk and fall, we would get back up and notice that we get back up we still made progress. You see for that to happen you have to know that you have to be the change you want to see in the world one step at a time whatever the risk. That could usually mean to stop exclusion out on the soccer field, or stop name calling in the hall, but for an 8-year old named Bruno it means to help recall the millions of innocent people during World-War 2.

8-year old Bruno is a dedicated explorer after being forced to move because of his father’s work. He decides that there is more to this desolate new place that meets the eye. While exploring his new environment, he meets another boy, named Shmeul, whose life and circumstances are very different from his own, and resulting in a friendship that may lead to consequences because of his father’s work.

Shmuel is the same age as Bruno, and is a prisoner in the concentration camp. He along with his father were taken away from his siblings. The enormity of suffering is apparent in his appearance, visible in his eyes, body language, and is extremely thin. From two different sides of the universe, will Shmeul take Bruno to learn that feeling unwanted and lonely is the most terribly poverty, or will Bruno walk away in ignorance.

The novel the boy in the stripped pagamas took place in 1942, in Germany during the holocaust. Based on this information is very clear that the genre for this novel is Historical Fiction.

Bruno does not like this new place after his move because of his father’ work: he is far away from his three best friends and the big home in Berlin. All he has is his twelve-year-old sister but she is, he informs us, a ‘Hopeless Case’. Out of loneliness and boredom, Bruno sets out to explore along the mysterious wire fence, where he meets the boy who will change his life.
Shmuel, in his uniform of striped pyjamas, is on the other side of the fence and the two strike up an unusual, secretive friendship as they find common ground in two vastly different lives. Both are nine years old,