Diverse Learning Styles And Goals

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Diverse Learning Styles and Goals
Jose A. Velazquez
College 100
American Military University
Jennifer Sturge
Diverse Learning Styles and Goals

Having to move forward with my life, having a secure and stable job to support my family when I transition out of the military in a near future was my main reason why I wanted to seek a college degree. It's my responsibility to identify my career goals and to expand my skills and knowledge before I make my final move in my military career. According to Clark (2014), "job security these days is a complete myth; many companies lay off their employees in droves by the thousand". Many people tend to stay on the same job or position for years, instead they should consider the possibilities to strive for a better job and move ahead with the next level in their careers if they don't want to become another statistic. For that reason security and job progression are on the top of my list of things to consider when finding a job. With diverse ways to learn, my learning style comes from a solid background of teachers that took time teaching me so I could understand the subject or the material. As a child my parents didn't enforce me to read, study nor do homework. Instead I had to find ways to learn without having those strong pillars of education on my early childhood. Things that were said in the classroom were easy enough for me to memorize and put together in my mind to apply on the test. I actively participated in class and never was afraid to ask questions, I learned how to listen too. I also learned from my own mistakes. Those teachers inspired me to do my best. They influenced me to take responsibilities, and to stay out of trouble. I never had any knowledge about having a particular learning style. According to the article by Felder & Soloman (n.d.), the learning styles that I identify the most are reflective, sensing, visual, and global learner. My preferred method is visual. I also identify myself with being sensing and global learner as well. Most of the times I found myself using images and visual media to remember certain information, like having a new piece of equipment in the Army. First, we read about the operational and technical part of it. Then, we familiarize with the equipment by showing the diagrams, charts, and graphics of it. Finally, we apply everything that we had just learned by hand on method. Having all of these available methods through the Army had thought me to be a better