Diversification: Employment and Hair Salon Essay

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In every industry, you will find that there are many companies within those industries. Therefore, that makes things a little more complicated when it comes to competition and the many other issues of running a successful business. The industry that I chose to analyze is the hair industry. Within that industry, I want to focus on a hair salon. The hair salon that I will analyze is called Essentials Hair Salon. Essentials Hair Salon is a company that really focuses on mastering their craft, displaying excellent customer service, keeping up with current trends, and looking for new and different services to offer. Essentials hair salon is always faced with the challenge of finding different approaches to organizational change, work design, competitive strategy, employee’s behavior, culture and other human resource issues.

Organizational Change

Organizations are constantly changing. It is important for an organization to do so, being that the industry in which they are in, as well as the demands they come with, are always changing. Organizational change is important due to global competition, technology, and the constant development of new products. Essentials Hair Salon’s approach to organizational change is to first make themselves aware of their surroundings. By that, I mean to look at themselves from the inside out and the outside looking in. They will need to look at their competition and the things that they need to change. Most importantly, the best way to achieve organizational change is to state their goals and plan how to achieve them. They would need to look at what works well for them and what needs improvement. This should be done by holding a company meeting in which they do monthly to discuss progress, problems, and suggestions that deal with the company. After all of that is done, information will need to be compiled by a decision maker, which is usually management, and then strategically applied. There are things that Essential Hair Salon may want to change to get to their goals of being a dynamic hair salon, expanding their company, and services. Some of those things may include boosting employee motivation and morale, providing courses and work forums to learn new techniques about new hair products, and becoming more diverse, by employing a more diverse group of employees. Those things must be applied and monitored frequently to check progress and effectiveness, in order for organizational change to be successful.

Work Design/HRM Contributions

Essentials Hair Salon understands the demands of the hair industry and all of the competition that it has. Work designs are different methods used to enhance employee performance. In many hair salons, it is common to find internal and external competition. In order to gain effectiveness n Essentials approach to work design, they must break down every job to its smallest tasks and communicate them to its employees that are responsible for the job. At Essentials, it is important for everyone to be in sync and on the same page when it comes to understanding and work performance. Hair salons tend to get chaotic at times and very busy. There are also times where things may become slow. Employees can lose focus in both cases; therefore it is important to management that they stay on task at all times. Essentials main focus of motivation is that hair salons are competitive, and the moment you fall asleep or fall off track, the next man may move in. Methods that human recourses may use to ensure employee motivation and excellent work ethic is: by job rotation and enlargement giving employees more responsibility, and