Diversity: African American and Culture Essay

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Cultural Diversity and Diet
Jacquelyn Denise Epson
Everest Institute

Cross cultural interaction has increase in recent years. People from different ethnic background are nowadays trying different foods from other cultures. This paper will discuss the issue of cultural diversity and diet, from an African American perspective. It will address the three major sociological theories: functionalism, conflict theory and interactionism. Concluding with one own analysis and the terms ethnocentrism and cultural.

From the beginning African American had influence the American cruise. Our food is diverse and flavorful. My ancestors reflected our strong sense of culture in our food. We established our cooking culture, by using food from our African and West India heritage. Certain foods that we cook come from our native land of Africa or through Africa. “Creole stew referred to as gumbo, is believed to have spiritual and healthful properties. Rice and seafood (along with sausage or chicken), and file´ (a sassafras powder inspired by the Choctaw Indians) are also key ingredients in gumbo. Other common foods that are rooted in African-American culture include black-eyed peas, benne seeds (sesame), eggplant, sorghum (a grain that produces sweet syrup and different types of flour), watermelon, and peanuts. Though southern food is typically known as ‘soul food,’ many African Americans contend that soul food consists of African-American recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, just like other African-American rituals.” (African American diet, 2014) I started my paper off that way to give a little background on my own culture. I’ve once heard someone say that for Valentine’s Day, they brought their wife a box of chocolate covered ants (they are considered to be a delicacy), would I eat them no, nor would I eat fried frog legs, puppies, kittens nor dig anything into the head of a monkey, to retrieve monkey brain to eat. I won’t even eat sushi. I wouldn’t eat these things because I found it revolting and I feel vomit rising up in my throat just at the thought. Although I don’t like frogs, puppies or kittens, they are meant to be pets not chewed up. It’s despicable to even think of such things. Ethnocentrism vs cultural relativism- personally I don’t believe in judging anyone from where they come from, the color of their skin nor their cultural background. I find it intriguing to learn about other culture, how they live. I more in favor of cultural relativism. Every culture has their main choice of food that is consider a delicacy in their culture and thought I wouldn’t eat o a lot of things that other culture eat. Who am I to judge another person culture and eating habit? That