Diversity At Amazon

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Amazon's diverse perspectives comes from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience. Diversity at Amazon helped created these affinity groups which provide possible working environments and also make it possible for minority groups to grow within Amazon. Amazon created a culture that exhibits diversity in all aspects to include women who aspire to be leading technological engineers. Amazon Women Engineers (AWE) is an affinity group which supports Amazon's way of making it a great place for women to show their technical talents. AWE has been expanding chapters internationally, bringing together women in the technical field in locations like Luxembourg …show more content…
There are many ways to improve a new revolution within the company. One would be if Jeff Bezos could somehow modify his view on what his employees deserve other than looking at them as a pay grade and what their personal worth is. This can backfire, as this is not a startup company, this type of mentality would not benefit a $250-billion-dollar company which brings about the challenge in the organization. Amazon continues to have a challenging problem with satisfying their online customers. It is an ongoing process that will occur as long as they exist. Amazon's number one priority has always been satisfying the customers, which has led to much success. In today's era, computers and the Internet run the world. People are well informed due to endless amounts of easy access of information. With a simple word search a company can have thousands of results of how well the company is doing or how good they provide the needs to their customers. This is the dominant way in today's society, too many bad reviews cause a negatively dramatic effect on whether customer's decide to spend their money at Amazon or go elsewhere. A survey from America Customers Satisfaction Index were able to interview over 70,000 U.S consumers, Amazon rated 88 on a possible scale of 100. Among all companies that were considered to be asked on customer service, Amazon ended with the highest number in points. The article goes on to explain that Amazon saves customers over $2 billion on two-day shipping during the holiday seasons. One CSUB customer was interviewed and asked what her experience was on Amazon customer service, she explained it was very impressive. One day she got very frustrated at Amazon for being one week late on the delivery of her school laptop. After the student wrote a negative review on Amazon