Essay Diversity: Egyptian Pyramids

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Objective of the Assignment: Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and historical perspectives.

1. Rap is an example of acculturation. Rap was originated from West Africa. Africans would sing stories rythmically while drums and other instruments were being played. Blues music, Jazz music and spirituals of slavery were included in these songs. In the early 1900’s rap was introduced to the United States in the Mississippi Delta region around the Emancipation Proclamtion.Many people created rap songs to express their feelings since rap was known as “speaking fast” with a beat.

2. In Colombia breakfast is known as the largest meal of the day. Usually what we eat is fried fish or cows’ liver, leftover food from the previous night, arepas, enpanadas, and chorizo ECT. In the other hand American breakfast includes scrambles eggs, bacon, cereal and milk, fruits, oatmeal ECT. In this country I have adapted to leave the “biggest meal of the day” for the midday and still have my enpanadas with scrambled eggs.

1. The objective of this assignment is to learn in depth about the Ancient Sumerian ziggurats and Ancient Egyptian pyramids.

2. The Sumerian Ziggurats were built in 400 b.c by religious Sumerians that used to worship the powerful gods that they strongly believed that lived in the sky. They built huge structures and would do ceremonies all the way in the top. The construction of the ziggurat was completed in the 21st century b.c. The structures were built with bricks made out of mud mixed with chopped straw which is usually left in the sun to dry and harden in the sun. Fellow citizens would leave offerings such as food and wine they left the gods that “were in the sky’, therefore their temples had stairs all the way to the top where they would leave their offerings. Ziggurats were built to reach the heavens so they can contact and worship their gods.

3. Pyramid Khufu is the oldest and largest pyramid of the 3 pyramids in the Giza Necropolis, Egypt. It was built by slaves and skilled workers that completed the pyramid with an estimated 2.3 million limestone blocks. It is known as the largest pyramid ever built and also it is considered to represent the pinnacle of the pyramid age. It took a good 14-20 years for the pyramid to be finished. This pyramid had 3 chambers, the queens’ chamber, the kings’ chamber and the last chamber was left unfinished. No airshafts or hallways were sealed because they were designed to let king Khufu travel to the stars afterlife. Pyramid Menkure is the smallest of the 3 pyramids of Giza. It was built by slaves, Egyptian pharaohs believed that slave labor was used to construct impressive tombs to house the body of a ruler and prepare him for his journey in the afterlife. This pyramid was made out of limestone and granite. It took around 15 years the least amount it’s ever taken for a pyramid to be built. The purposes of these structures