Diversity In Learning Essays

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Diversity in Learning
May 22, 2015
The way that an individual learns is what is unique to that person. Many people around you have a style they prefer that helps them learn in the best way. They can be a visual learner, or they can be a learner that learns better when they listen to others. Some even prefer to learn new things by a hands­on activity (Ryder).While taking the assessment about the learning styles there are, it turns out that I am a tactile/kinesthetic learner. I am more of a person who learns by touching and doing. So to have be able to participate in a demonstration would be able to help me out more than just watching the demonstration. For classes such as chemistry, being able to do a lab and conducting up data and results would be the way that makes learning.
In the article
The Secret to Raising Smart Kids
, it discusses the topic of how children are losing interest in their school work how they give up when it becomes tough for them to continue on (Dweck, 2015). I believe what the article talks about it entirely true. The way kids minds go off on their school work and how they comprehend is different.
These materials have reinforced my beliefs on learning. I used to think that everyone remains the same, that there isn't any room for improvement. If you were to be bad in a subject, then there wasn't any chance for you to improve. After getting the chance to go through the surveys and reading the article it helped me understand that