Diversity in schools Essay

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Since early American history, schools (i.e. Universities), like society, have addressed cultural diversity in different ways. A diverse organization is one that values the difference in people. Diversity in universities ought to be very much considered in today’s day not only to make things diverse but in order for us students to encounter and give students the opportunity to experience and encounter different things outside of what they are normally accustomed to. When students are put all together in one classroom in order to learn at school, they are not only learning from the school teachers alone, but they also learn from each other. “I pay the schoolmaster but’tis the schoolboys that educate my son.”(Ralph Waldo Emerson, p.118 what role should diversity play in college and University Admission policies?) What Waldo meant by this was that the teachers are not the only ones who students learn things and encounter different people and their different perspective which gives and teaches them that their own ways and ideas are not the only ones out there and it makes them more open minded. In many cases, there are cases in which diversity in schools are not very much supported. “Students, faculty members, and administrators all responded to increasing racial diversity by registering increased dissatisfaction with the quality of education and the work ethic of their peers. Students also increasingly complained about discrimination”( Stanley Rothman, Is diversity overrated?, page 123) What Rothman is trying to say is that when diversity was brought into a university there was much negative feedback from not only the students but the administrators of the school expressing not only negativity but also claiming it caused much of a distraction because since it was diverse there were more people turning against their peers and being very discriminant towards each other; however in a way it could be a positive thing, “ that consensus reflects the reality that today’s students must be prepared to live and work n a global economy and a multiracial world."(Lawrence H. Summer and Laurence H. Tribe, p.121). With that being said, that is what a diverse atmosphere for students while being in school ought to teach them and have them get accustomed to being around people who aren't the same as them and for them to know that this world has to come be a place where we work together and are around each other. “As the district court emphasized, the law school’s admissions policy promotes, “ cross-racial understanding,” helps break down the racial stereotypes, and enables [ students] to better understand persons of different races.”(Sandra Day O’ Connor, p.133) “The freedom of a university to make its own judgments as to education includes the selection of its student body” (Sandra Day O’ Connor, p.133) When it comes to everyone enrolling in a university diversity plays a major role; however the universities get to decide who gets in and who doesn’t based on a certain criteria.”