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Diversity in the United States
Katrinda Allen
Regena Weatherford, MA., M.S.

When you think of America there are so many different topics and pictures that can be seen. This is what we call diversity. Diversity is one of the greatest assets of America. Diversity is defined in Merriam Webster as: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements. This is exactly what we are so many different races that make this little blue marble one of the greatest places to lives. As you read we will go through the different diversities of America.
When we take a look at all of the over 150 races that are in these United States of America it makes you stop and wonder if everything that is said about the different races is trues or is it just something that is literally just made up. Diversity is what makes each different from each other. When I take a look at some of the common stereotypes that different races are labeled with doesn’t make me look at them in a bad light but more so in a more understanding point. We often say that people who are of the Hispanic race (Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Dominican) are people who will do any job. Where someone looks at that as negative or in a joking manner I look at it as these are a people who know what it is to work hard and have a great work ethic because they want to have more for their children. Not too many people can look at it this way but having an open mind is something that I appreciate having and honestly wish more people would have it! We should learn to appreciate the diversity that we are able to possess instead of criticize it.
When looking at the diversity that is in my specific race which is African American. I have to say that there are more people who are doing than ones who are not. What I mean by this is there are more men and women who are doing positive acts and have positive jobs that are not being recognized. There are more African American doctors than rappers. There are more African American Women who are CEO’s than strippers. This is something that I can appreciate; this is something that I have to show my children that you can attain to more than what the average young lady can.
In the future I believe the average minority group will be the majority. Right now according to the United States Census Bureau 2010 the majority race in America is the white race (White Americans non-Hispanic/Latino) The Hispanic and Latino Americans make up 15% of the population and the Black race makes up 13% of the race. In the coming years with the laws and the reproduction rate of the Hispanic/Latino race I can see that they could easily become the majority race. Which will make the white race the second largest race instead of the largest? This is only if we in America do not get a hold on the immigration laws that we presently have. Not to say that this race should not be allowed in America but I am one of those persons who says that they should at least have to learn the English language before they are made citizens. I am not prejudicing just want to be able to understand each other in the correct fashion.
In this wonderful United of States the diversity that we have is as I stated before an asset. If there were no diversity in America we would be just like any other country. The fact that you can come to a city like New York and go to a very common place like Wal-Mart and see at least 10 or more different races makes it so interesting to be here. I can say that I love the fact that if there were no diversity in America then I would not be able to learn a foreign language from my very neighbor. (I have a Russian neighbor who teaches me a little of the language). These are different privileges that my parents or grandparents were not afforded. This is something that I do appreciate. We often look at diversity as a bad problem but if you approach it with an open mind you can see that it is actually a way that we can learn from one